Products And Services

Messina Vision Systems has experiences in delivering specialised products and services for a wide range of industries; we can assist productivity, efficiency and quality; ask us below on how we can help.

  • Machine vision products
  • Process automation
  • Current industries

Machine vision products

• Automated vision inspection
• Robot vision systems
• Surveillance systems
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
• Image processing and filter design
• 3D and SLAM technologies

Process automation

• Systems engineering
• Sensing and data collection
• Machine learning and data processing
• Simulations and prototyping
• Identifying opportunities
• Status reporting
• Technology integration
• Human machine interaction
• Testing and validation
• Requirement analysis
• Troubleshooting


Current industries

• Manufacturing, food, and beverage
• Defence
• Security/Surveillance
• Medical
• Pharmaceutical
• Agriculture
• Mining
• Microscopy
• Forensics
• Intelligent transportation
• Remote sensing
• Product development
• Computational photography
• Broadcast
• Sport


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